I thought this was pretty cute. And amazingly, did not end in tears.





bikes & stuff

it's been a very hot summer. i've been remaining inside as much as possible when it's so hot. however, today it wasn't as humid, but still hot, so we went up to the horse stables in rock creek park. i love it up there. adams is old enough now to be interested in all the horses and goings-on so it's a little more fun. and since it's in the park, there are lots of trails so we went on a fairly short hike as well.
joe's bikes (2) got stolen off our front porch last month and he has just recently replaced both. the newest bike is a fancy california-style thing with an "extended cab" (i have no idea what it's really called but that's what i'm calling it). if, let's say, adams and i both wanted a ride, it's possible on this thing. i could sit on the plank and adams could sit in his bike seat (not seen in pic obvi). there are wooden foot rests down toward the chain for a more comfortable ride for the passenger. i'm not really into bikes as much as i'd (or joe would) like (me) to be, but this thing is pretty cool and just might inspire me to get more into riding (on the back!) after that next kid comes out.
i'm 5 1/2 months pregnant now. everything is going swimmingly. to date, it has been a super easy pregnancy. no real sickness or other pregnancy annoyances so far. we found out a couple weeks ago that we're having a girl so we'll have a matching set. i'm hoping since adams was such a grumpy baby that she'll be super happy and easy. that's how it works right?
adams has been on a bit of a roller coaster ride lately. i think he was going through a teething phase, though he doesn't actually have any new teeth to show for it. that seems to be over for now. he was having some other major grumpiness alongside that too but i'm pretty sure, once again, that it was hunger related. it's very difficult to feed the child as he's super picky sometimes and it's hard to know what he will eat from day-to-day. so when he doesn't eat, he gets kind of evil. but he's been eating a lot for the past few days, and we realize more than ever, that his 'tude is majorly affected by what's in his belly (as is mine) so it's worth it to figure out something that he will eat. makes the difference between a good and bad day even if it is frustrating.
in house news, our back yard looks great even though we never go out there b/c the mosquitoes are wicked bad right now. joe has become highly sensitive to mosquito bites (and also highly annoying when he gets bit) so for now, we haven't spent much time out there. we have also finally sent our radiators off to the strippers. there they will be stripped of their many layers of paint and clear coated. they said it would take to to three months to get back to us and this was in july so let us hope that there aren't any really cold spells in early october. we've been working on our stair case (painting and such) as well. it's going to look great once we get a runner on those stairs. soon, adams will make the transition to the guest bedroom and the baby will take over his old room. this means he'll be moving into a twin bed (so we don't have to buy another crib) soonish! seems pretty young to be doing this, but i've heard of other people who've done it at the same age, and for the same reasons, successfully. if only we could get him potty trained before the baby came. at one time i actually thought that might be a possibility but since inquiring with friends with kids i now realize that there is no way that will ever happen. in fact, he'll probably be in diapers for another year and a half after the baby is born. ugh.


adams' new toy

we got a rocking chair that (i think) belonged to me when i was little while we were in michigan. naturally, adams prefers standing on it.


spring...is that you?

it was lovely out last weekend. i couldn't be happier spring is here (or almost here i should say). i think one has even more appreciation for it after a long, hard winter which is rare in dc. joe, adams and i went for a hike in rock creek park on sunday to celebrate. adams rode in some hiking-baby-backpack that one of joe's co-workers gave him. he loved it. on our hike, we stopped in at the horse stables we visited last fall before adams was here. there's still snow out there too...a testament to how much we had last month.

the weekend also included finally starting work on the interior trim of our house. we got the hallway mostly painted and it looks so much better. the stairs were such a mess. they're still not done. we painted them (only b/c they were already painted; stripping them and refinishing was a bigger commitment than we are currently interested in) and are going to get a nice runner. also, we need 2 new newel caps (a big word yes; basically the caps that go on top of the banister at the top and bottom of the stairs). anyway, i can't believe we waited that long. one down...

we also went up to baltimore to check out some architectural salvage since a few of the rails on the banister were missing. we were hoping to get some of those newel caps there too but apparently they're a hot item and don't stick around long when they do have them. but either way, i was surprised they had the exact rails we needed. there are so many variations. we had lunch-dinner...linner at a southwestern/mexican place. at the end of the meal, i noticed both adams and joe looking peacefully out the window. one second later adams started crying. he managed to slice open his finger on this pin joe was wearing (not the pointy part as you would expect but where the metal meets the plastic). it bled quite a bit. joe rushed him off to the bathroom and took care of it but it was a little dramatic for a moment.

i think adams is finally teething. it's about time. he's been a real manic-depressive lately which i blame mostly on the teething. it really comes and goes, but when he's mad, he's really mad. his sleeping schedule is on and off as well. hopefully they all pop out at once so we can get this nipped in the bud.


adams @ 9 months

(um, why am i wearing this?)

(climbing stairs)

(confused adams in basket)

adams will be 9 mo old on feb 27. he's getting to be quite the big fella'. i don't think he's really all that petite anymore. he seems to be pretty much normal size (and looks like a downright fatty in the basket pic above) for a baby his age (whereas when he was around 3 mo old, someone thought he was just a couple weeks old).
since xmas he's started crawling, now stands on his own quite a bit and eats like a hoss. he's eating 3 meals a day of solid food. he'll eat anything: yogurt, oats, butternut squash, chicken noodle soup, apples and i made him a fantastic sweet potato/beet/beet green concoction the other day that he just loves! he's very recently started eating finger foods (though he has no idea how to put the food in his mouth on his own).
he's also learned to climb up stairs! i was downstairs in the living room on my computer one morning and joe was upstairs getting ready for work. and i hear joe exclaim adams' name and looked up and saw him 3 stairs up. had i known he could do that, obviously, i would have been keeping my eye on him. oops!
we've also managed to get him off his ridiculous, unpredictable 4+ nap a day schedule. now he takes 2 a day at more or less the same time every day and sleeps for a couple hours each. he goes to bed at a much more reasonable time as well: between 7 and 7:30 (vs. 6 o'clock one month ago). this means we get to sleep in until anywhere between 5 and 6:30. what a treat (really not so much... i'm already over the novelty of it and am looking into a 7 am wake up time)!


the real blizzard of 2010

while everyone calls last friday's storm a blizzard, i don't think it technically was; especially compared to what went down today. this was the real deal. it snowed overnight but just a couple inches. by 11 am the winds were howling and the snow was coming down. when adams went down for his nap this afternoon, we headed outdoors (he woke up the second we were walking out the door but we managed to keep him down for a little while at least). it was crazy. there were 3+ feet drifts all over the place. and the wind was whipping like mad. joe and jason built an igloo out back (i'll get a pic of that tomorrow when it's light out again).

a huge tree came down in our neighborhood. it doesn't appear as if anyone was injured. the schools are all closed until next week. i think we have about 3 ft of snow at this point. here are a couple of links to all the craziness:


blizzard of 2010

unfortunately my camera is not working so i could only take iphone pics which kind of suck big time. basically, all of my bellyaching about getting screwed by not ever seeing any snow has ended. i don't ever recall seeing so much snow in my life (though it's quite possible that i don't remember). it started friday night and ended early on saturday evening. i think we got just over 2 feet. it was called a blizzard but i didn't see a lot of blowing. i imagine that was more evident on the highways though. 2 days later, the metro is closed in any above-ground location as is the federal govt and all the schools in the area. our mail didn't come saturday or today. our road hasn't been plowed yet but the two big roads near us are fine.
amazingly, we're expecting 10-20 inches more tomorrow. last year i don't even know if we got an inch of snow.


happy new year!

he looks a little skeptical about wearing a crown, no?

in 2010, adams has already learned to sit confidently and is now crawling not so confidently. we are going to baby-proof the place this weekend. if it were up to joe the whole house would be covered in bubble wrap. today we heard a a cute (not scared) scream and looked over and saw adams staring at us from under the coffee table. after that, joe suggested we "wrap" it. he was serious.